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March 2017 Archives

Braking distance may be to blame for your truck accident

Trucks are crucial to the American economy, but these large, heavy vehicles can cause significant damage when involved in accidents. If you were hurt in an accident involving a semi truck in Florida, you may be surprised to learn that the main factor in what happened to you may not be aggressive driving or distraction, but braking distance.

Even without outward signs, head injuries could prove damaging

When you think of a catastrophic injury, you may picture wounds that result in blood loss or obvious external trauma. However, some severe injuries may not show outward signs or even immediately indicate that serious trauma has occurred. If you or someone you love has suffered a bump on the head, the possibility exists that your brain has suffered an injury.

How can I make sure I receive my spousal support payments?

Whether you are ready to begin divorce proceedings or just considering it, you are undoubtedly at least a little worried about the financial repercussions. When children are involved, you can usually expect child support, but what if you have been focusing your efforts on supporting your husband's career for years? You may have given up your potential career to concentrate your time and labor on the family and home, and now find yourself unemployable, except for low-paying entry level positions.

Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

The top reason to hire a personal injury attorney is experience. Odds are you don't have a lot of experience with personal injury claims and lawsuits. The personal injury attorneys at Platt Hopwood are experienced in handling personal injury lawsuits.

Traumatic brain injuries can devastate family finances

Recent headlines have revealed the dangers of repeated head trauma in sports. Similarly, you may have joined others who watched with hopeful expectation as comedian Tracy Morgan made a triumphant return to the stage after suffering a brain injury in a motor vehicle accident. While these incidents may evoke some curiosity, in reality, almost 2 million people in Florida and across the country suffer brain injuries each year.