Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

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The top reason to hire a personal injury attorney is experience. Odds are you don’t have a lot of experience with personal injury claims and lawsuits. The personal injury attorneys at Platt Hopwood are experienced in handling personal injury lawsuits.


Experience Assessing Claims


The personal injury attorneys at Platt Hopwood are able to examine the facts of a case and determine whether legal remedy is appropriate, and the value of your case. Platt Hopwood attorneys are not new to personal injury lawsuits, and thus are able to provide expert advice when evaluating your claim.


Experience Remaining Objective


When it comes to an injury sustained by yourself or a loved one, it is hard to stay objective. Anger, pain, and frustration while dealing with your personal injury may cloud your personal judgment. However, at Platt Hopwood after our attorneys stay objective when assessing your claim, we fight to get you the full value of your claim.


Experience with Florida Insurance Law


The attorneys at Platt Hopwood are constantly staying up-to-date and educated on Florida Personal Injury Laws. For example, many people don’t know about Florida’s 14-day rule: if you don’t seek medical attention within 14 days of your accident, you are not eligible for coverage from your insurance company.


Experience in Settlements


As tempting as it might be to agree to the first offer made by your insurance company, an experienced attorney who has properly assessed your claim will know that there is more left to negotiate. The best weapon in settlement negotiations is a great trial attorney, because insurance companies know how risky it is to battle an experienced trial attorney in a courtroom. A lengthy trial is not always the best way to resolve the case and the attorneys at Platt Hopwood are experienced in fighting for the best for their clients in settlement negotiations. 


Experience in Trials


The personal injury attorneys at Platt Hopwood are experienced in trials. Clients at Platt Hopwood retain attorneys who are experienced, prepared, and ready to take on insurance companies. Our clients are zealously represented in personal injury trials.


If you or a loved one have been injured in an auto accident, a slip and fall case, or are fighting with your insurance company call Platt Hopwood at (321) 725-3425. Everyone deserves justice; Platt Hopwood Attorneys makes sure you get it.


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