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Fatal bicycle accident has serious consequences for driver

When a vehicle accident results in a person's death, it is always a sad event, but the tragedy seems amplified when the victim is a child. The family may struggle with questions about why the event occurred and how they might possibly go on, not to mention the sadness over losing someone who didn't get the chance to have a long life. One Florida family is likely experiencing just that after a young boy lost his life to a bicycle accident involving a car.

The woman accused of causing the collision recently received her sentence. Authorities say that the incident happened earlier this year. One morning, the 9-year-old boy was crossing at a crosswalk, on his bike, accompanied by his sister. Police say that the accused woman was driving her pickup truck and hit the boy. They also say that she drove past a stop sign when she hit him, dragging him around 15 feet before stopping.

Motorcycle accident leaves man in serious condition

Any kind of motor vehicle accident has the potential to cause serious harm to anyone involved. However, there are certain kinds of crashes that are more likely to result in injury or even death. People who ride motorbikes are well aware of these risks, and most of them take precautions to keep themselves safe. Even so, they cannot control the behavior of other drivers. A recent motorcycle accident here in Florida that left the biker seriously injured shows exactly how significant the danger can be.

According to authorities, the collision happened recently on a state highway. A motorcyclist and a Jeep were reportedly both headed north when the biker attempted to make a left turn. Police say that the Jeep did not reduce its speed enough to avoid a rear-end collision. The Jeep allegedly struck the motorcycle on left back end. The motorcycle apparently skidded on its right side before coming to a stop.

Car accident leaves 8 people injured

A motor vehicle accident has the potential to cause serious harm to the people involved. However, when the accident involves a semitrailer, the chances that a person could be seriously hurt rise sharply and the amount of damage is often greater than what is typically seen in accidents with regular passenger vehicles. This is evident in a recent trucking accident here in Florida that resulted in injuries to eight people, including one seriously.

According to reports, the collision happened on a recent afternoon on a local road. Authorities say that a semitrailer driver did not stop at a red light. He apparently struck eight different vehicles that were stopped at the intersection. A 71-year-old woman was driving the first car that the truck hit and suffered critical injuries. This was in spite of the fact that she was wearing a seat belt.

What might make a prenup agreement unenforceable?

Premarital agreements are an increasingly common part of marriages. They can be especially useful for a spouse who has valuable assets they want to protect. Florida law is generally quite flexible as well, meaning the agreement can be customized based on the couple’s needs.

You can not just write whatever you want in a prenup, however. There are instances in which a court may find a premarital agreement unenforceable.

Financial infidelity can present challenges during your divorce

Unfortunately, financial infidelity is a growing problem in the United States. Currently, over 40% of Americans commit financial infidelity. This involves secretly spending money or secretly incurring debt, and like other forms of infidelity, it could be a threat to romantic relationships.

A spouse's financial infidelity could be leading couples to divorce and contributing to the country's high divorce rates. However, it may also be negatively impacting divorce outcomes for financially honest spouses.

Sex crimes: Teacher accused of sexual assault

A person accused of a sex-related crime may not be aware of how serious these types of charges may be. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the crime charged, a jury may rush to conviction, particularly if the defendant has not secured an effective criminal defense. Sex crimes carry significant punishment, not to mention the negative effect they can have on a person's personal and professional life. This could be what one teacher is facing since Florida authorities have accused him of sex crimes involving a minor.

Authorities say that the teacher gave a ride home to a 16-year-old girl from a local Boys & Girls Club where he worked. Officers say that the man stopped in a parking lot and engaged in a sex act with the girl. Afterwards, one of the girl's friends reported the alleged incident to the local sheriff's office. The man says that the girl told him she was 19, not 16.

Woman charged with 4th DUI must focus on criminal defense

Many people do not realize how significant an arrest for a DUI may be. They might assume that they'll have to pay more for insurance or receive a temporary suspension on their license, but the penalties can be much greater than that. Further, a person with a DUI conviction on his or her record may suffer long term effects, even after serving jail time or paying a fine. The person could have difficultly obtaining or maintaining employment, not to mention the damage to the person's reputation. One Florida woman may be focused on preparing a criminal defense, as police say she was recently arrested for her fourth DUI.

Authorities claim that the woman hit two parked cars on a recent evening. They say she was driving in a parking garage and struck both the cars and a concrete wall. Officers on the scene stated that she was showing signs of being under the influence of alcohol, such as changes in her mood and difficulty staying awake.

Woman killed in pedestrian accident by hit-and-run driver

Most people who walk in the vicinity of traffic realize that they face potential risks. However, most of them also probably assume that drivers will take extra care when pedestrians are nearby. That is typically true, but unfortunately, accidents involving pedestrians happen all too often. One Florida woman recently lost her life in a pedestrian accident after a driver fled the scene of a prior accident.

Authorities say the incident happened on a recent afternoon when a young man driving his sedan struck a car at an intersection. He allegedly left the scene of that crash and ran a red light before hitting another car. Police say that his car then hit a woman using a crosswalk. She died at the scene of the accident and her identity hasn't been released.

Man dies from injuries days after serious car accident

A car crash is nearly always a stressful event. Even a minor fender bender can significantly impact a person's life, especially when injuries occur. A car accident that results in the loss of someone's life has the potential to upend the world of the victim's family. This is likely what one Florida family is experiencing after a man died several days after being injured in a two-vehicle crash.

Authorities say the crash happened on a recent evening. A woman driving a passenger car made a left turn onto a local street from a state route. Another car was traveling in an oncoming direction. Police claim that the second car failed to stop at a red light, running into the woman's car on the passenger side.

Florida boating accidents fall, still high

Floridians and those visiting the state love to cool down with a day on the water. In fact, with over 950,000 registered vessels, Florida is the boating capital of the U.S.

New data shows that the number of boating accidents in Florida waters fell 18 percent from 2018 to 2017, but they were still the highest in the country. Most boating accidents are preventable, and talking safety precautions could save your life.

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