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The road to bicycle safety may start before the journey begins

You might choose to travel to and from your destinations via bicycle for a variety of reasons. In addition to the inherent health benefits involved, the decision could also help you save on fuel and vehicle maintenance costs and avoid the hustle and bustle of traffic while out on Florida roads.

Along with the list of potential advantages, there is also a certain amount of risk associated with riding a bicycle near traffic. As accidents involving cyclists can have disastrous consequences, seeking out ways to reduce the odds a collision may occur and increase your safety as a cyclist could prove imperative.

Preparing to open a new chapter in life after a divorce

Going through the end of a marriage can be a stressful process, and the outcome of your divorce could have a significant impact on your life. If you and your spouse decide to part ways, you might have concerns about what to expect from the process and how best to prepare to protect your future.

As divorce will inherently bring about a variety of changes in your life, finding ways to adapt to these changes could prove imperative. Knowing some of the issues that may arise and how to handle each in turn could help you better prepare to transition into life after divorce with confidence.

Florida driver charged with DUI after pedestrian accident

When a motor vehicle accident occurs, especially one that results in serious injuries, there is an understandable desire for answers. Additionally, there is sometimes a desire to place blame. Unfortunately, these desires can lead to assumptions about the cause of an accident, often that drugs or alcohol were a factor. For example, it is unclear what evidence supports the allegations of driving under the influence, or DUI, that a young Florida driver now faces.

The accident that led to the 20-year-old man's arrest reportedly happened around midnight on a day in mid-June. Police believe that the driver struck a 35-year-old pedestrian who they say was crossing a street outside of a crosswalk. The pedestrian reportedly suffered life-threatening injuries.

Motor vehicle accident takes 3 lives

Most people don't think that they will be in a car crash when they are traveling. Unfortunately, it happens all too often. When the crash is fatal, it is already a devastating event for the family and friends who loved the victims, but it can be even more difficult for them to deal with when it happens in another state. A recent motor vehicle accident here in Florida resulted in the deaths of three people, all of whom were from out of state. 

Law enforcement reports that the crash happened on a recent morning. A pickup truck heading south on a state road apparently crossed over the grass median and into the opposite lane. Police say the truck hit another vehicle, causing it to run into a street sign and then a utility pole. Though the truck reportedly rolled onto its side, the driver only suffered minor injuries. 

Bicycle accident involving a truck results in fatality

Some parts of the nation haven't had warm weather until recently, though Florida typically enjoys summerlike temperatures for a significant part of the year. More and more people are getting outside for both recreation and necessity, including cyclists. Unfortunately, this isn't without its fair share of risk, since people on bicycles have less protection in an accident than someone in a vehicle. One recent bicycle accident here in Florida left one person dead. and it may serve as a reminder to motorists that it is always best to use caution when driving near pedestrians and cyclists.

Police say that the collision happened on a recent late afternoon on the A1A. Officers report that a cyclist was heading north. A truck traveling in the same direction allegedly sideswiped the bicycle. The cyclist was pronounced dead at the site of the crash.

DUI arrests up in some areas of Florida, down in others

Memorial Day weekend was not that long ago, and many people gathered with friends and loved ones to honor the military. Get-togethers of all kinds often include the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Though there is nothing wrong with adults responsibly enjoying alcohol, there are times when people make the choice to drive after drinking. The criminal justice system takes driving under the influence offenses very seriously, with varying forms of strong punishment for conviction. Law enforcement all across the state of Florida report that they saw a spike in DUI arrests over the holiday weekend, but some say there was a drop in the expected rates.

The Polk County Sheriff's Office reports that its DUI arrests for Memorial Day weekend were more than twice as high as the rate for the same weekend just last year. Officials offered no clear explanation for this phenomena. Three other counties reported rise in DUI arrests made by the Florida Highway Patrol. The FHP says the rate went up by more than 23% compared to last year. 

Are you worried about your retirement funds and your divorce?

Getting a divorce is a possibility for any married person. Though you may have believed that your marriage would stand the test of time, and may have for decades, you have recently reached the point where your relationship just no longer works. Any number of issues could have acted as a catalyst, but whatever the reason, divorce is on the horizon.

Because your marriage did span decades, you may be closer to retirement than ever before. Understandably, you may have concerns about how ending your marriage will affect your retirement plans, and it is wise to have this concern. After all, retirement funds are divisible during divorce under Florida equitable division laws.

Multiple fatalities in horrific motor vehicle accident

In general, motorists do all that they can to avoid being in a car crash, but despite their best efforts, collisions still happen. If a driver fails to take necessary steps to prevent a motor vehicle accident, the results can have devastating consequences. A recent crash here between two vehicles in Florida left four people dead, including both drivers and two children.

According to authorities, the collision happened on a recent Friday evening on a state highway. Police say that a woman and two children were traveling in a sedan when a pickup truck going in the opposite direction allegedly crossed over the centerline. The two vehicles collided almost head-on and were soon engulfed in flames, according to reports. 

Fatal car accident happens near site of previous deadly crash

Certain roadways and intersections are prone to motor vehicle crashes. Sometimes that is due to a design flaw or inadequate safety infrastructure. There may be some areas where drivers may fail to pay attention to specific safety guidelines that would otherwise keep them safe. This could be the case in a recent fatal car accident here in Florida involving multiple vehicles, since the location was the site of a fatal crash just two years before.

The most recent accident happened on a late weekday afternoon on a state road. Authorities say that a Toyota was traveling eastward with another sedan traveling the same direction behind it. The driver of the Toyota drove into the oncoming lane for unknown reasons. The car allegedly ran into a semi-truck headed in the opposite direction. That impact apparently caused the semi to veer into the eastbound lane where it hit the second sedan.

Bicycle accident is intersection's second fatality in a month

In many areas of the country, people are just starting to go outside and enjoy spring weather. The warmer climate here in Florida means that people have more opportunity to get outside on their bikes or as pedestrians, which can have significant benefits to both physical and mental health. Unfortunately, there is significant risk to bicyclists and pedestrians who travel near motor vehicle traffic. A recent bicycle accident that took a person's life is the second fatal pedestrian accident to happen at that particular intersection in less than a month. 

Police report that the crash happened on a recent evening at an intersection in front of Florida State College in Jacksonville. A cyclist was traveling west when the bike was apparently struck by a car heading in the same direction. Authorities claim that the driver was an 83-year-old man. It is unclear whether the cyclist received any medical treatment before dying from his injuries. 

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