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NFL player arrested for DUI in Florida

Getting arrested for driving under the influence may not seem like a big deal. However, the judicial system doesn't hold the same viewpoint. Even if a person accepts the possibility of serving jail time or probation for a DUI, there are other possible effects on that person's life that could be long-lasting. One NFL player may be about to find that out first hand, after he was arrested for DUI here in Florida.

Police say that they arrested Ventell Bryant on a recent early morning. Officers report pulling over his sports car because he was driving without headlights on. They further claim that the Bryant admitted to consuming margaritas earlier in the day and that he was showing signs of impairment. 

Sex crimes: Teacher's aide accused of sexting student

Many people with a criminal record face judgement from their communities, but those charged with sex-related offenses often feel they receive significant criticism. Those accused of committing sex crimes not only have to worry about punishment from the legal system, they may also have difficulty for the rest of their lives once they've fulfilled their sentence. This is what one Florida woman could be facing after she was arrested for sending sexually explicit online messages with an underage student with special needs.

The woman worked as a teacher's aide at a private school for children with special needs. Police say that the woman sent sexually inappropriate videos and photos to a 16-year-old student through the social media site Instagram. A friend of the student allegedly told school officials about the illegal communication and then ran away from home, fearing retaliation. One of the parents of the friend is the one who brought the case to the attention of police.

High-asset divorce: Does getting promoted lead women to divorce?

Divorces happen for many reasons, to all kinds of people. Some may mistakenly believe that they will never get a divorce, but it is a relatively common occurrence across all demographics. Even so, sometimes experts can spot trends that may reveal how likely it is that someone will get divorced. One recent study may interest Florida families as it apparently shows that women who have a certain measure of career success may be more likely to end their marriage, resulting in a high-asset divorce.

The study looked at both men and women working at private companies that had at least 100 employees. It found that when women received a major promotion, at the CEO level, they were twice as likely to get divorced within three years of the promotion, compared to men. Even when the researchers looked at other industries, the trend seemed to hold true. Women who worked as doctors, law enforcement, clergy, and even women who were successfully elected as public officials were nearly twice as likely to divorce. 

Will motor vehicle accidents increase with daylight savings time?

In just a few weeks, people across the nation will be setting their clocks ahead to begin Daylight Saving Time. Many people complain that it is bothersome to make the switch and generates fatigue. Some scientists recently released a study that it may also be dangerous. They claim that the clock shift increases the risk of fatal motor vehicle accidents. The state of Florida is considering whether to eliminate DST altogether and studies like this one may encourage lawmakers to pursue the change.

The study looked at over 730,000 recorded accidents over a period of 21 years. They considered incidents from all over the country, though they eliminated the two states that don't follow DST. When accounting for certain controls, the researchers say that the rate of fatal accidents went up the week after DST began each year. Even when DST changed from April to March, the rise still occurred.

State laws try to address cellphone use behind the wheel

Most people cannot go anywhere without their portable electronic devices, particularly their phones, in hand. As so many accidents have happened due to people using cellphones while behind the wheel, the state has passed laws to help prevent such incidents. Most recently, in early 2019, the Wireless Communications While Driving Law was passed, which deals directly with the holding of cellphones while driving.

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, this new law took effect on July 1. It says a lot, but the gist of it is that it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while manually entering numbers, letters or symbols into a phone, whether a person is making a call or sending a message. There are very few exceptions to this rule.

Criminal defense likely needed for charge of DUI manslaughter

Though it often seems otherwise, it is not uncommon for everyday people to have an intoxicated driving charge in their past. Consumption of alcohol as part of social gatherings is a normal part of life for many, and that sometimes results in a DUI. Having this type of charge on one's record can be more serious than some people realize, so it is important that an accused person considers options for criminal defense very carefully. One Florida man may need to do just that after police claim that he caused a fatal accident due driving under the influence.

Officers say that the recent weekend morning crash happened at the intersection of a highway and local road. A passenger vehicle was waiting at a traffic signal when, police say, it was rear-ended by a pickup truck. A female passenger seated in the back of the car died, and three other people -- including a child -- had to be rushed to hospitals for treatment.

The added complications of a truck accident

One of the most disruptive and complicated matters to deal with is a motor vehicle accident. Following a collision, you may have weeks or months of inconveniences as you haggle with insurance companies, police and auto repair mechanics. Even more complicated is an accident in which you suffer injuries. You may be handling these matters from a hospital bed or on crutches.

If your accident involved a tractor-trailer, you can expect to multiply these troubles many times. Most critically, you will likely have much more serious injuries or even the sorrow of losing a loved one. The aftermath of a tractor-trailer accident can be much more complicated than a collision with a passenger vehicle.

Fatal motor vehicle accident on New Year's Day.

There's never a good time to have a car crash, but it seems especially tragic when it happens on a holiday. The New Year is normally a time that is filled with promise and excitement for the future. Sadly, one Florida family is likely mourning the loss of one of their own after a man died in a recent motor vehicle accident on New Year's Day. 

The Florida Highway Patrol reports that the crash happened on the evening of New Year's Day. Officers say that a driver was traveling in the wrong lane, heading westbound for unknown reasons. His car allegedly stuck another one head-on. The second car spun and apparently hit another vehicle traveling the same direction. 

Sharing the road with teenagers could put you in danger

When Florida families gain a new teenage driver, they may do so with trepidation. While they may be happy that he or she has reached this milestone in life, they also worry that something bad could happen.

Statistics indicate that the biggest threat to a teenager's life is a motor vehicle accident. In 2017, emergency rooms saw around 300,000 teenagers who suffered injuries in crashes. That same year, 2,364 teenagers died in crashes.

Limiting your vulnerability at intersections

The news media tends to give the public a false perception that the largest number of motor vehicle accidents happen on highways and interstates. While many crashes do occur on those roadways, they do not make up the largest percentage of accidents. Instead, statistics show that around half of all crashes happen at intersections.

It's easy to see why, since traffic is traveling in four directions, people are trying to beat yellow lights, and some people fail to pay adequate attention and keep moving even when they need to stop. This makes you particularly vulnerable at intersections. Understanding the reasons behind many of these accidents and steps you can take to avoid them could help keep you safe.

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