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Do you know how to avoid side-impact collisions?

As a driver, you certainly want to make sure you remain aware of your surroundings and the potential dangers on the roads. By knowing what scenarios you could encounter and where they are most likely to occur, you may have the ability to better avoid winding up in a dangerous situation.

Some information that may help you remain a safe and defensive driver relates to side-impact collisions and how they occur. By knowing this information, you could give yourself a heads up in areas where you may need to pay closer attention to your surroundings, such as intersections.

Florida family law attorneys available to advise through divorce

Marriages end for different reasons. Some marriages end for a host of small reasons that build up over the years, and others end due to some significant betrayal by one or both spouses. Whatever the cause, the National Center for Health Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau 2015 report indicates that divorces for couples that are 50 and older are on the rise. For some, the marriage may end on an amicable note, and others may not. Whatever the expectations may be for a divorce, it is wise for a spouse to seek the advice of a family law attorney in Florida.

Different couples and attorneys have reported different complex cases of divorce. Some report debt, scams and fraud as part of the demise of a relationship. One woman reported her divorce was to escape further financial ruin after discovering her husband was scamming her out of money. In the end, he scammed as much as $100,000 in less than a year, and she reported she was one of many victims. 

Think twice before trusting your insurance company

Some business people are unscrupulous. They will do whatever it takes in order to reach the outcome they desire, especially if it means that they save money. Unfortunately, insurance companies can act in that manner after you have suffered serious injuries or other harm in a car accident. While you may want to trust your agent or the adjuster, you may also want to take everything they say with a grain of salt.

You may not consider yourself an untrusting person, but after your car accident, you may feel particularly vulnerable. Many insurance company employees know that this feeling of vulnerability exists, and they may try to take advantage of you in order to keep from providing you with a proper payout.

Protecting yourself after a dog bite

Florida residents aren't the only ones who love their dogs. Some surveys show that over one third of American families include one or more dogs. Dogs can be beneficial for children, those who are elderly and people who have few family members. They are also intelligent enough to provide meaningful services for those with physical or emotional disabilities.

If you are a pet owner, you know how calming it can be to have the affection and companionship of an animal. However, you also understand that a dog can be unpredictable. Once a dog shows hostility, it may be difficult to control. The evidence of this is over 4 million dog bites nationwide each year.

3 questions to ask yourself before filing for divorce

When a marriage hits a rocky point, many people may begin to wonder whether it is the beginning of the end. For some couples, working through a hiccup may turn out easily enough, but for others, a rocky marriage could turn into an unhappy and unhealthy one. If you feel this way about your relationship, you may also find yourself considering divorce.

Of course, divorce is a major life change that needs careful consideration. Not everyone who begins to contemplate divorce actually moves forward with the process, and you certainly do not want to prematurely enter into this chapter of your life. Therefore, it would likely work in your best interests to make certain preparations.

Car accidents: Truck driver says his phone distracted him

Smartphones have changed our lives. A smartphone connects users to friends, family and the world through all the applications available for use. Unfortunately, studies have shown that use of a phone while driving can result in increased chances of car accidents. One Florida driver allegedly admitted that his recent accident was due to distraction by his cell phone.

The driver of a pickup truck allegedly confessed that he dropped his cell phone just prior to his accident. He stated that he had leaned down to pick up his phone while continuing to operate his truck. In the process, he did not see the three people crossing the road on horses. It has not been determined by authorities if the driver was speeding.

New tax laws and the impact on family law concerns

Couples in Florida considering divorce may be aware of the recent changes to tax laws and how they will affect alimony. Those people preparing to move forward with the process, especially a high-asset divorce, will find it beneficial to learn how these laws could impact them and their financial obligations. In fact, these changes may mean that some couples would be prudent to finalize their divorce plans by the end of year.

In the past, the person making alimony payments would get a tax break. However, after Dec. 31 of this year, this tax break will no longer be available. Both legal and financial professionals are currently encouraging clients in the midst of the divorce process to work to finalize their agreements in order for the payor to still receive this tax deduction. This could be especially important for individuals with significant income.

Brain injuries can affect victims long-term

As Florida readers are aware, the impact of a car accident can last for months or sometimes years. This is especially true for individuals who experience some type of brain injury in the accident. Depending on the severity of the impact and various other factors, head trauma can affect a person's ability to do normal tasks and enjoy a certain quality of life. 

Brain injuries are all different, and the way one could impact a person depends on the location of the impact, the victim's health and more. A recent study revealed that most people who suffer relatively minor brain injuries do not get any additional medical care after the first visit to the emergency room. This means that victims could be dealing with continued pain and other side effects without the appropriate medical support.

Wrongful death: Woman hit by dump truck dies

A Florida community is grieving the loss of long-time resident. A tragic accident with a city dump truck resulted in serious injuries to one woman, which she did not survive. Depending on the details and evidence collected, it may be a case of wrongful death.

The victim was a 49-year-old retired elementary school teacher. Reportedly, she was well-known and loved in her community. She was taking a walk near her home when the accident occurred. Witnesses did not see the accident, but the driver of the truck immediately appeared to be in physical distress so much so that they believed he was having a heart attack.

Does the idea of using a roundabout make you nervous?

You may consider yourself a nervous driver. As a result, you want to make sure that you take the time to understand the various aspects of your vehicle and plan your routes ahead of time before hitting the road. Both of these actions may help you feel more comfortable behind the wheel, and they could also help you remain a safe driver.

Of course, when planning your route, you may realize that you have to take roads you have never navigated before. This possibility may increase your anxiety as you could come across situations that you typically do not encounter, like high-traffic areas or roundabouts. If you have never, or not often, utilized a roundabout, you may feel a sense of panic at the idea of approaching one.