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Motor vehicle accidents: Young man dies in motorcycle crash

No one wants to be in an accident. The aftermath of an accident can be a chore sorting out vehicle repairs and insurance claims. Sorting out the details after suffering a serious injury or the death of a loved one can make the aftermath of motor vehicle accidents a more difficult process. Sadly, one young Florida man recently lost his life in a tragic motorcycle crash.

The 19-year-old man was traveling through an intersection when the crash occurred. He was traveling on his motorcycle when a larger motor vehicle turned in front of him. Not able to stop, the man crashed into the 74-year-old woman's passenger side of her vehicle.

Despite DUI arrest, man sings song in cop car

Sometimes, small traffic violations can result in more serious criminal charges if pulled over by authorities. In what appeared to be a minor traffic violation for one Florida man, it resulted in an arrest and car ride with cops. He will soon face charges for a DUI.

Because it appeared as if the man was not wearing a seatbelt, a patrol car pulled the man over. Once officers talked to the man, it smelled as if he had been consuming alcohol. In addition, the man had unopened cans of beer in his truck as well as empty cans in the back of his truck. Later, he tested to have a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit.

Does more money mean less conflict during divorce?

You may enjoy the socioeconomic status that your current financial level allows you to achieve. Much of your life may hinge on your ability to afford certain trips, memberships to clubs or even the house you live in. Now that your marriage is heading for divorce, financial concerns may reach the top of your list.

Certainly, ending a marriage can have major financial impacts on anyone's life. Property division also stands as one of the most contentious areas of the divorce process. However, the amount of money you actually have could potentially have an impact on how contentious your divorce actually is.

Attorneys can advise on the best method for a high asset divorce

With available instructional information and videos on the internet, the do-it-yourself movement has grown significantly in many areas, especially when it comes to working on a home or property. As well as being able to DIY a home improvement project, there is an option to DIY a high asset divorce. Because of the significant issues that an individual can experience following a DIY divorce, individuals are encouraged to seek the advice of an experienced family law attorney in Florida.

Divorces can be contested or uncontested. Contested divorces are not as common and typically result when one spouse has allegedly wronged the other resulting in the breakdown of a marriage or there are disagreements with how to separate lives. Contested divorces are typically longer, require court intervention and can be expensive due to the fees needed to fund the lengthy process.

Motor vehicle accidents result in multiple injuries and deaths

Operating a vehicle requires trust. It requires trust in personal skills to safely operate a motor vehicle, and it requires trust in other drivers to safely operate their own vehicles. Unfortunately, some drivers make poor decisions and place others traveling Florida roadways at risk. In a complicated series of motor vehicle accidents, four people were killed and two were seriously injured following one man's alleged drunk driving.

The accident occurred late at night and began with a minor accident between a car and a motorcycle. Both the vehicles were pulled over to the shoulder of the road in addition to another vehicle that had stopped to assist the victims of the first accident, when a second fatal accident occurred. A 42-year-old male driver struck the back of one of the stopped vehicles prior to striking the people standing along the road due to the motorcycle accident. The van came to a stop after crashing into the other stopped car on the shoulder.

Drunk driving cases may be affected by Breathlyzer calibrations

Breathalyzer tests, video evidence, field sobriety tests and blood alcohol level tests are all allowed to be entered into evidence when an individual is arrested for driving under the influence. Charges and/or a conviction of drunk driving can result in serious consequences for an individual. An arrest can result in the loss of a job, and a conviction can result in jail time, suspension of driving privileges and fines.

Recently, multiple DUI cases in Florida were discovered as possibly compromised. It has been discovered by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement that, for almost a year, the Florida Highway Patrol calibrated their Breathalyzers with a method that was not approved and used supplies from an unofficial vendor. Defense attorneys are questioning if some of the 250 affected tests were inaccurate and may have permanently damaged some people's lives.  

You may need to take a logical approach to your divorce

Going through divorce is often a difficult time. Even if you and your spouse feel that ending the marriage is for the best, you may still have many contentious aspects to address as you move forward. In particular, you may want to pay attention to financial impacts and the property division process.

You and many others may find it difficult to set aside your emotions while dissolving a marriage. However, you may want to keep in mind that you may need to take a logical approach to prevent hurting your settlement chances.

Motor vehcile accidents: Attornneys can help victims after crash

Loss of life is always difficult to accept. When it occurs at a young age, the life a young person will not get to live is often grieved in addition to the loss of their presence. Sadly, one Florida high school student was the tragic victim of a complicated multi-car crash. Motor vehicle accidents such as this one can be difficult for victims and surviving families to sort out the details in the aftermath.

The crash occurred on the morning commute to school before seven in the morning. Very few details of the crash were released due to the pending investigation. It is believed that two teenagers were traveling in a vehicle that lost control and crashed into a minivan in the opposite late of traffic. The first crash resulted in a second collision with a third vehicle. The reason that the first vehicle lost control is unknown, but investigators stated they are evaluating the speed of the vehicle at the time of the crash.

Florida man suffers serious brain injury following truck accident

Every injury takes time to heal and some injuries obviously take longer than others. In particular, a brain injury can result in the need for significant medical care and rehabilitation. One Florida family is discovering how long the process can be as their their loved one struggles to recover following a horrific motor-vehicle accident

The injured man is a local officer who serves his Florida community. He is engaged to be married and works with other volunteers who share his passion for the protected species of Marco Island. Unfortunately, a motor vehicle accident has altered his way of life. While operating a U-Haul truck he was struck by another truck. That vehicle had left the road and crossed the median prior to crashing into his U-Haul head on.

Checking your tires can help you stay safe on the road

You may not particularly consider yourself a "car guy" or car person. Still, you do your due diligence and have your oil changed when needed and try to pay attention to obvious factors of your vehicle that may need attention. While you likely let your mechanic handle any needed repairs, you can do your part to notice when your vehicle may present a safety issue.

In particular, you should pay attention to your tires. Your tires literally keep your vehicle on the road, and if you do not have them replaced when necessary or do not check them periodically for issues, you may unknowingly put yourself and others on the road at risk of an accident.