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Are you worried about your retirement funds and your divorce?

Getting a divorce is a possibility for any married person. Though you may have believed that your marriage would stand the test of time, and may have for decades, you have recently reached the point where your relationship just no longer works. Any number of issues could have acted as a catalyst, but whatever the reason, divorce is on the horizon.

Because your marriage did span decades, you may be closer to retirement than ever before. Understandably, you may have concerns about how ending your marriage will affect your retirement plans, and it is wise to have this concern. After all, retirement funds are divisible during divorce under Florida equitable division laws.

Multiple fatalities in horrific motor vehicle accident

In general, motorists do all that they can to avoid being in a car crash, but despite their best efforts, collisions still happen. If a driver fails to take necessary steps to prevent a motor vehicle accident, the results can have devastating consequences. A recent crash here between two vehicles in Florida left four people dead, including both drivers and two children.

According to authorities, the collision happened on a recent Friday evening on a state highway. Police say that a woman and two children were traveling in a sedan when a pickup truck going in the opposite direction allegedly crossed over the centerline. The two vehicles collided almost head-on and were soon engulfed in flames, according to reports. 

Fatal car accident happens near site of previous deadly crash

Certain roadways and intersections are prone to motor vehicle crashes. Sometimes that is due to a design flaw or inadequate safety infrastructure. There may be some areas where drivers may fail to pay attention to specific safety guidelines that would otherwise keep them safe. This could be the case in a recent fatal car accident here in Florida involving multiple vehicles, since the location was the site of a fatal crash just two years before.

The most recent accident happened on a late weekday afternoon on a state road. Authorities say that a Toyota was traveling eastward with another sedan traveling the same direction behind it. The driver of the Toyota drove into the oncoming lane for unknown reasons. The car allegedly ran into a semi-truck headed in the opposite direction. That impact apparently caused the semi to veer into the eastbound lane where it hit the second sedan.

Bicycle accident is intersection's second fatality in a month

In many areas of the country, people are just starting to go outside and enjoy spring weather. The warmer climate here in Florida means that people have more opportunity to get outside on their bikes or as pedestrians, which can have significant benefits to both physical and mental health. Unfortunately, there is significant risk to bicyclists and pedestrians who travel near motor vehicle traffic. A recent bicycle accident that took a person's life is the second fatal pedestrian accident to happen at that particular intersection in less than a month. 

Police report that the crash happened on a recent evening at an intersection in front of Florida State College in Jacksonville. A cyclist was traveling west when the bike was apparently struck by a car heading in the same direction. Authorities claim that the driver was an 83-year-old man. It is unclear whether the cyclist received any medical treatment before dying from his injuries. 

Making the difficult decision to end your marriage

The decision to divorce is often one of the most difficult choices a person could make. Divorce brings about certain change, and sometimes, those who divorce find themselves struggling for a time after they separate. This may be one reason why many who are living in unhappy marriages decide to stay put rather than taking the step to end their marriages and start a new life.

Could older drivers present a risk to you on the road?

Right now, older people are more susceptible to the current pandemic than younger people are. For this reason, you may pose a risk to the health of the older people in your life, but they may pose a risk to you when they get behind the wheel.

Most people focus on teenagers when they discuss a high-risk group of drivers, but they tend to forget that older people face certain issues due to their age that makeĀ at least some of them dangerous drivers.

Some people are more prone to drowsy driving than others

When you woke up this morning, did you feel rested? If you are like many others here in Florida, you probably didn't. Sleep tends to feel like more of a luxury these days. When it comes to the obligations of your life and sleep, the obligations may win out more than you want them to.

On those mornings that you didn't sleep well the night before, an extra dose of caffeine may help you get through the day. At least, it helps as you make your morning commute to work. But, if you fall into certain groups that areĀ more prone to drowsy driving, caffeine may not be enough to improve your ability to drive safely.

Motor vehicle accident: Collision leaves 3 seriously injured

Most people admit that there are times in their lives when they've been careless. Most of the time, those instances end up harming no one, and the person who wasn't being conscientious learns his or her lesson and moves on with life. There are other times when carelessness can have devastating consequences. The Florida Highway Patrol had to investigate a recent motor vehicle accident that could have been due to a driver's failure to exercise caution while driving, leaving three people seriously injured.

The crash happened on a recent morning. The FHP reports that several vehicles were driving through a construction zone. The driver of one of the cars, heading west, allegedly attempted to pass another vehicle in a zone where passing was not allowed. His car ended up colliding with another head-on, according to police, and then spun and hit an unmarked Sheriff's Office vehicle before coming to a stop.

NFL player arrested for DUI in Florida

Getting arrested for driving under the influence may not seem like a big deal. However, the judicial system doesn't hold the same viewpoint. Even if a person accepts the possibility of serving jail time or probation for a DUI, there are other possible effects on that person's life that could be long-lasting. One NFL player may be about to find that out first hand, after he was arrested for DUI here in Florida.

Police say that they arrested Ventell Bryant on a recent early morning. Officers report pulling over his sports car because he was driving without headlights on. They further claim that the Bryant admitted to consuming margaritas earlier in the day and that he was showing signs of impairment. 

Sex crimes: Teacher's aide accused of sexting student

Many people with a criminal record face judgement from their communities, but those charged with sex-related offenses often feel they receive significant criticism. Those accused of committing sex crimes not only have to worry about punishment from the legal system, they may also have difficulty for the rest of their lives once they've fulfilled their sentence. This is what one Florida woman could be facing after she was arrested for sending sexually explicit online messages with an underage student with special needs.

The woman worked as a teacher's aide at a private school for children with special needs. Police say that the woman sent sexually inappropriate videos and photos to a 16-year-old student through the social media site Instagram. A friend of the student allegedly told school officials about the illegal communication and then ran away from home, fearing retaliation. One of the parents of the friend is the one who brought the case to the attention of police.

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