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The outlook following a serious burn injury

In one brief moment, your life changed forever. You may have been going about your daily routine at home or work, or perhaps you and your family were out together enjoying a special event in Florida when tragedy struck and your loved one suffered a serious burn injury.

You may never forget the image of the fear and pain in your loved one's eyes as paramedics placed him or her in the ambulance or helicopter. Now you may be feeling a confusing mix of emotions, including worry over what the future might bring and anger that the senseless accident could have been prevented.

Dangerous actions that can impair one's ability to drive safely

Your day may have begun much like any other day, with you forming a strategy to tackle your objectives, whatever they may be. However, some things can be difficult to plan for and even more challenging to prevent, such as a motor vehicle accident.

Chances are you probably consider being involved in a serious collision to be less than ideal. Unfortunately, an accident can occur in the blink of an eye, and you might have had little to no control over the situation, especially if you encountered an impaired driver.

The risks of distracted driving for young motorists

Distracted driving is a problem in Florida and across the country. From texting to distracting infotainment systems in vehicles, there are many things that can cause a driver to divert his or her eyes and attention from the road. This type of negligent behavior is very risky, greatly increasing the chances of an accident.

There has been a significant amount of research into the issue of distracted driving and how to prevent it. Research and statistics indicate there are certain demographics that may be more prone to driving while distracted, particularly teen drivers. Many young drivers suffer serious or fatal injuries in distraction-related accidents every year.

When a neck injury is far worse than whiplash

You may have started your day running through the list of things you needed to take care of that day. As you drove to your first destination, your plans suddenly changed, perhaps for much longer than you anticipated. You never saw the other vehicle coming, but you definitely felt the impact.

When your vehicle came to rest, you may have felt some pain in your neck. Perhaps you didn't think it was that serious because, after all, you were in an accident. It's probably just whiplash, right? However, while you sat in your car waiting for emergency responders to arrive, you began to wonder if your injury was much worse.

Identifying the signs and symptoms of a serious whiplash injury

A car accident can occur in the blink of an eye, and the aftermath could leave you somewhat shaken up and uncertain of what just took place. Following a serious accident, your first reaction could be to seek medical attention, but if you feel fine at the time, you may feel this step is unnecessary.

However, certain injuries tend to develop symptoms over time, such as those pertaining to whiplash. Although the pain might not be immediately apparent, these injuries can be exceedingly severe and could lead to long-term or permanent damages.

When another driver's daydreaming lands you in the hospital

Navigating Florida highways can be extremely challenging at times, if not downright frightening. If you regularly travel these roadways, you might be used to it by now. However, that doesn't mean you don't get startled or frustrated when another driver cuts you off or veers across the yellow line, placing you at risk for collision. Many times, distracted driving is the culprit behind poor driving skills. The problem is that you can't always tell if a nearby motorist is properly focused or not.

Most driving distractions involve cognitive, manual or visual impairment. If you're a parent of a teenage driver, you've likely instructed him or her to keep eyes on the road and hands on the wheel at all times. It's sage advice, although even many adults fail to follow it. It's helpful to be able to recognize signs of distracted driving. If an accident does occur, however, you may wonder who should be financially responsible when a distracted driver caused the collision that resulted in your injury.

Understanding the dangers you may face as a pedestrian

As winter weather has set in for certain parts of the country, many individuals may choose the comfort of the inside of a car over walking from place to place. However, with warmer weather year-round in Florida, you may prefer to do most of your traveling via the sidewalk.

While this form of travel may come with numerous benefits, such as a means of exercise and a way to skip out on fuel costs, it also comes with a certain level of risk. With the lack of protective barriers that a vehicle may provide, accidents involving pedestrians have a much higher chance of ending in disaster.

There could soon be a ban on distracted driving in Florida

In Florida, distracted driving is a serious safety concern. This issue is the cause for many accidents throughout the state, causing serious and fatal injuries to many innocent motorists. Despite the well-known dangers of texting behind the wheel, there is no law yet in place banning this behavior. However, this could change soon with a newly proposed law.

Banning texting and driving is not a one-size-fits-all solution to eliminating distracted driving accidents, but it could reduce the number of accidents and make drivers more accountable for their decisions. Regardless of the laws that may or may not be in place, people hurt by distracted driving always have the right to hold liable parties accountable through a civil claim.

Staying focused on safety could help motorcyclists when traveling

For many Florida residents, perhaps yourself included, motorcycle riding is a way of life. You may have made many trips with friends or family while riding your motorcycle and immensely enjoy the time you spend traveling on the road. Though motorcycle riding can act as a fun and bonding experience, it can also pose many hazards to you and other motorcyclists due to the lack of protection.

Drivers of larger vehicles can easily overlook motorcycles, and as a result, you could suffer serious injuries if hit by another car. Additionally, you could also become injured if an accident takes place due to an issue with your motorcycle. Therefore, you may wish to remain aware of the following safety tips that could help reduce your risks when on the road.

A burned-out truck driver becomes a risk on the road

Nearly everyone experiences a burnout at work. You may know how it feels to go through your workday on autopilot just waiting for it to end. Doing the same thing day in and day out gets monotonous and even annoying. You may take a vacation day or two in order to recharge so that you can get back to it with a better attitude. At least that is the hope, right?

Suffering from a burnout in your job may not put lives in danger. However, in some occupations, burnout can create a dangerous situation. For instance, a burned-out truck driver probably isn't paying close attention to the road, driving or anything else for that matter.