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Fatal Florida motor vehicle accident under investigation

Fatal car crashes often leave behind more questions than answers. The families of the victims may struggle to understand exactly what occurred and whether anything could have prevented the tragedy. They have to rely on the investigative abilities of law enforcement to determine what happened. This may be what one Florida family is enduring after a 29-year-old man lost his life in a motor vehicle accident with his passenger truck and two semitrucks.

Officials say that the accident happened on a recent morning when the 29-year-old man was driving his truck northbound and had to slow down for an unknown reason. His pickup was allegedly struck from behind by a semitruck heading in the same direction. Authorities report that the driver claimed he didn't see the pickup truck.

New law could bring more self-driving cars to Florida roads

If you have a newer car, you might already have experience with driver-assistance technology. Some vehicles on the market right now make it easier to merge and park via cameras. In an emergency your car might even steer away or stop entirely to prevent a crash.

At what point will your car do all the work for you? Some members of the Florida House of Representatives are trying to make that day come soon.

County police announce new DUI task squad

Alcohol is a part of the adult lives of many people. Some use it in conjunction with social events and others as a way to unwind from day-to-day stress. Though most people consume alcohol with no ill intentions, they can face potentially serious consequences if they are pulled over for a DUI. One county in Florida has created a new task force specifically looking for intoxicated drivers. Anyone who is charged as a result of the extra efforts of the DUI squad may need a comprehensive criminal defense.

The sheriff's office for the county made the announcement that the new DUI squad includes 20 deputies and two supervisors. They will have additional specialized training that will allow them to better locate and apprehend anyone driving under the influence. A representative for the sheriff's office said that the intention for creating this squad is so that everyone on it has access to any recent updates in DUI law, detection equipment and training.

Florida motorcycle accident proves fatal

People who ride motorcycles know all too well that they often face more danger than other motorists. Though most riders are careful to observe the rules of the road and take safety precautions such as wearing helmets, when another vehicle strikes a motorcycle, it can be deadly. Such was the case for one man here in Florida who died during a motorcycle accident involving another vehicle. Police are still searching for answers to the question of what happened.

Authorities say that the motorcycle rider was driving on a recent late afternoon. Another man, driving a car eastbound on the same road, attempted to make a left hand turn. The motorist allegedly did not yield to the motorcycle rider, and then he crashed into the car.

What you need to know about alimony in Florida

A divorce is not easy for anyone, but it can be particularly difficult when there is a significant gap in income. If you stayed home to raise your children or manage the household, you may be worried about how you will support yourself going forward.

There has been a lot of talk about alimony reform in Florida, but little progress has been made on that front. Alimony reform advocates are pushing to get rid of permanent alimony, but this has not come to pass yet. Even if it does, it will most likely not be retroactive, so ex-spouses who have settled their divorces will have to continue alimony payments. Here is what you need to know about current alimony law in Florida.

Police search for answers after fatal pedestrian accident

Most people are well aware of the potential dangers that come with operating any type of motor vehicle. What they may not consider is the risk that is involved when they are just a pedestrian. People walking near traffic are susceptible to harm that can be even more serious since they do not have the protection of a vehicle. This is echoed in the recent death of one woman here in Florida who was the victim of a recent pedestrian accident that has left authorities with several questions.

Officials say that the accident occurred on a recent evening. A woman was struck by a vehicle while she was attempting to cross the street. She was rushed to a nearby hospital, but did not survive.

Police make arrest in crash that resulted in severe brain injury

Motor vehicle accidents of all kinds can have severe consequences. One of the more traumatic outcomes a victim can experience is a brain injury. This type of injury can have significant effect on a person's quality of life, potentially requiring life-long medical care. One family is thanking Florida authorities for making an arrest in conjunction with the car accident that left their loved one with severe brain trauma.

The accident happened when a 19-year-old driver was traveling to his college class on a recent morning. Police say that his car was struck by another vehicle attempting to make a left hand turn into a gas station. The 19-year-old's car flipped multiple times into a hotel parking lot before it stopped. Authorities say that the 24-year-old driver of the other vehicle fled the scene after the incident.

Traumatic brain injury, part 2 - diagnosis and treatment

In a previous post about traumatic brain injuries, we explained the common causes of a TBI, and the symptoms associated with one, like a headache, dizziness or blurry vision. Here, we'll talk about how a medical team might diagnose a traumatic brain injury and the methods of treatment.

If you've been in a car accident, even a minor fender bender, and suspect that you have a brain injury, you need to act quickly as symptoms can progress and become severe in the days and weeks after the injury. Sometimes symptoms don't appear immediately, but those that appear later can be worse. Seek medical attention with any head injury to be sure something isn't more serious.

How safe are motor scooters in Florida?

Over the past few years, motor scooters have become another popular mode of transportation in Florida due to their fuel efficiency and year-round riding ability. They are ideal for a quick jaunt along a scenic byway or for a trip to the grocery store to pick-up a needed item. Unfortunately, using a motor scooter can make the rider vulnerable if caught in heavy traffic or bad weather due to its size and maneuverability. 

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