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Fatal motor vehicle accident on New Year's Day.

There's never a good time to have a car crash, but it seems especially tragic when it happens on a holiday. The New Year is normally a time that is filled with promise and excitement for the future. Sadly, one Florida family is likely mourning the loss of one of their own after a man died in a recent motor vehicle accident on New Year's Day. 

The Florida Highway Patrol reports that the crash happened on the evening of New Year's Day. Officers say that a driver was traveling in the wrong lane, heading westbound for unknown reasons. His car allegedly stuck another one head-on. The second car spun and apparently hit another vehicle traveling the same direction. 

Sharing the road with teenagers could put you in danger

When Florida families gain a new teenage driver, they may do so with trepidation. While they may be happy that he or she has reached this milestone in life, they also worry that something bad could happen.

Statistics indicate that the biggest threat to a teenager's life is a motor vehicle accident. In 2017, emergency rooms saw around 300,000 teenagers who suffered injuries in crashes. That same year, 2,364 teenagers died in crashes.

Limiting your vulnerability at intersections

The news media tends to give the public a false perception that the largest number of motor vehicle accidents happen on highways and interstates. While many crashes do occur on those roadways, they do not make up the largest percentage of accidents. Instead, statistics show that around half of all crashes happen at intersections.

It's easy to see why, since traffic is traveling in four directions, people are trying to beat yellow lights, and some people fail to pay adequate attention and keep moving even when they need to stop. This makes you particularly vulnerable at intersections. Understanding the reasons behind many of these accidents and steps you can take to avoid them could help keep you safe.

3 women die in Florida Christmas Eve car accident

Any time of the year is a horrible time to experience a car crash, but when one happens during the winter holidays, it can seem even more upsetting. Families who may have been excited to spend time together may end up mourning the loss of a loved one. This is what some Florida families may are likely going through after three women lost their lives in a car accident on Christmas Eve.

According to authorities, one woman was driving south in a sedan and had two other female passengers in the vehicle with her. A man was driving north in his SUV when he allegedly attempted to move into the southbound lane to pass another vehicle. Police say that he hit the sedan head-on.

Motorcycle accident claims two lives

Though a lot of the rest of the country is dealing with snow at this time of year, many people in Florida are still enjoying many warm weather activities. For example, many people are still riding their motorcycles, for both recreation and transportation. This means, unfortunately, many of those riders are at risk of getting into a motorcycle accident. Since motorcycle riders don't have as much protection as those people riding in passenger vehicles, they face a higher risk of injury and even fatality. Recently, two people lost their lives after their motorcycle was struck by a vehicle.

Authorities say that the incident happened on a recent evening. Two people, a man and a woman, were headed north on their motorcycle. Police allege that a pickup truck in the same area, driving southbound, attempted to turn left and went into the path of the motorcycle. The motorbike apparently struck the truck on its right side.

Spinal cord injuries and the risk of sepsis

A spouse or child's spinal cord injury has changed his or her life, but your life may never be the same either. Whether you are still in the early stages of diagnosis and prognosis or the reality has already set in, there is a challenging road ahead. The greatest challenge may be keeping spirits up for you and your family.

However, you must also be realistic. While astounding advances are occurring in the field of research for spinal cord injury victims, if doctors have told you that your spouse or child's paralysis is likely permanent, you have a lot to prepare for to ensure your loved one remains as healthy as possible. Part of this includes remaining alert to signs of infection that may turn septic.

Consider your fresh start as your marriage ends

As you separate from your spouse and face that fact that your marriage will soon be over, you might have many regrets. Perhaps you wish you had never married your spouse. Or for as much as you love your children, you may regret having them with your soon-to-be ex.

Regardless of the mistakes in your past, try not to allow yourself to make decisions that could haunt you after the fact. Thankfully, thinking ahead about the mistakes you can avoid could enable you to reach settlement, support and custody agreements that will meet your needs for the foreseeable future.

Claiming your rights as a father

Having a child is a wonderful experience many parents look forward to. Even when the arrival of a baby is unexpected, some parents may feel such joy and intend to set aside their own plans to raise and love the child. Perhaps having a child is something you have dreamed of, or it may be a new and exciting idea since you learned your former partner was expecting. However, what if you are not certain the child is yours?

Every circumstance is different, and the reasons why you want to confirm the paternity of the child may be unique. It is an important step to take if there are questions about your relationship to the child.

Fatality and multiple injuries result of Interstate car acciden

The recent holiday weekend was a happy time for many families here in Florida. Not every family was so lucky, as this time of year can often bring just as much tragedy. One Florida family is likely mourning the loss of one of their own after a car accident took the life of one woman. Authorities say the accident on Interstate 10 here in Florida also resulted in multiple serious injuries.

Officials say that the collision happened over the Thanksgiving weekend when a woman was driving her Ford on I-10. They say that her car drifted a bit off of the road and that when she attempted to steer the car back onto the highway, she overcorrected. Police then say that her car hit another one driving the same direction on the left hand back side of the vehicle. As a result, authorities report that the second car spun out and overturned on the median and the driver was thrown from the car.

Man accused of sex crimes after targeted sting

Sex crimes are serious offenses and people accused of committing them face the possibility of significant punishment. A conviction of this type of crime can mean that a person will have his or her name added to the sex offender registry indefinitely, and he or she may also face jail time and/or have to pay a high fine. That's not to mention the impact it can have on the individual's personal and professional lives. That's why those facing charges of sex crimes need a comprehensive defense strategy. A recent undercover operation here in Florida resulted in one man's arrest, and he is likely focused on preparing an effective criminal defense.

According to authorities, the man has been charged with coercion or enticement of a minor. He was on probation for a different sex crime involving a minor over 10 years ago. Police allege that the man conversed with an undercover agent via social media and requested that they meet, believing that the agent was actually a 14-year-old girl. Officials say that the man came to the designated meeting spot on a bicycle, where he was arrested.

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