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April 2017 Archives

Whiplash injuries: What all drivers should know

Rear-end collisions are an everyday occurrence in Florida. Sometimes these events have minor outcomes, and other times serious injuries result. The injury most commonly noted following a rear-end car crash is whiplash. You may have experienced whiplash yourself after a vehicle accident.

Why Does it Matter When I File For Divorce?

Knowing when, and if, to file for divorce can be one of the hardest decisions a couple can make. Before deciding on a divorce it is common for couples to go through a separation period where they are not divorced, but they are still legally married. The State of Florida considers a couple to be married until a divorce action is filed and, as such all of their assets or debts acquired during the separation period would be classified as marital assets and debts.

A car accident-related TBI can change your life forever

It is not uncommon for victims of motor vehicle collisions to experience a variety of injuries that can change their lives forever. For example, a traumatic brain injury can result in one experiencing physical and psychological changes that they may never fully overcome. Have you or a loved one suffered a TBI as a result of a car accident?

Sharing custody: Partnering to parent better

When parents choose to separate or divorce, it can be the most difficult for the youngest members of the family. In order to alleviate the emotional difficulty that comes during this time of transition, some Florida parents choose to co-parent or share parenting responsibilities.