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December 2017 Archives

Reading this behind the wheel? You may be headed for an accident

Driving requires an incredible amount of focus and attention. Unfortunately, many people in Florida behind the wheel engage in unsafe behaviors that keep them from fully focusing on the task at hand. Whether a driver's eyes are not on the road or their focus is elsewhere, a distracted driver can cause serious harm.

When a car accident causes an open fracture

Any type of serious injury could cause you to experience pain, accumulate medical bills and deal with many other difficulties that you may not have imagined. Unfortunately, planning for such an event can prove challenging because of the numerous factors that often cannot be accounted for until the incident occurs. As a result, even if you have a plan for dealing with an injury, you may find it lacking.

How to recover when you can't steer clear of a drunk driver

There's no telling when a drunk driver will catch you off guard while navigating a busy Florida highway. Even if you are on the lookout and are extremely cautious behind the wheel, you just never know when another car is going to veer into your lane or hit you from behind. In fact, many people who survive drunk driving accidents say they didn't even realize they were at risk until it was too late.