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June 2017 Archives

Steps to take when you're injured as a pedestrian

You are taking a stroll on a seemingly normal day when all of a sudden, you see a car approaching you. You do not think much of it, as you assume that the driver will eventually turn the wheel and stay on the road. But that does not happen. The car suddenly strikes you, causing you to take a rapid tumble.

Are you prepared to meet with a personal injury attorney?

The injuries you suffer in a car accident may leave you with a sense of helplessness. Not only may you have a diminished ability to carry out tasks that you once could with ease, but you could also experience emotional challenges and financial difficulties. Because these struggles can add unnecessary burdens to your life, you may consider pursuing compensation for applicable damages.

How to Co-Parent

During a divorce, it seems like nothing can be harder than separating from your spouse and ending a marriage. However, often successfully raising your children with your ex-spouse can seem as hard, if not harder, than the actual divorce. Here are six tips from the family law attorneys at Platt Hopwood on how to successfully co-parent your children:

Sleep apnea and semitrailers: a deadly combination

There are those in Florida who have medical conditions that make them a danger to themselves and others when they get behind the wheel of an automobile. Drivers of semitrailers are legally required to seek treatment for health concerns as a safety measure and in order to maintain employment.

When an insurance provider cares more about its bottom line

If you suffer injuries in a car accident, you expect the other driver's insurance to cover your losses. What happens, though, if the insurance provider denies your claim or only gives you partial coverage? What can you do? Unfortunately, this is an issue that many Florida residents have faced. If you are among them, you can take steps to achieve fair and full compensation.