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July 2017 Archives

Has need for bone fracture repair left you feeling splintered?

After involvement in a car accident, you may feel frightened, shaken and confused. If you have suffered injuries, you may also find yourself in a great deal of pain and wonder how medical professionals will treat your injuries. Depending on the severity of your wounds, your treatment could range from relatively minor to needing extensive surgery.

A solid prenuptial agreement can save you time and money

Is planning your own wedding part of your schedule this summer? If so, let us congratulate you and wish you the best of years to come with your intended spouse! If it's the first time you've ever planned a wedding, you've likely been facing several challenges regarding reception venues, food, guest lists and other "big day" issues. Some Florida residents choose to hire others to plan their weddings for them to alleviate stress and remove some of the burdens associated with such events.