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February 2017 Archives

Cyberbullying: A real crime with real consequences

Cyberbullying is a very real concern that affects the health and safety of every young person on the internet. The mistreatment and harassment of others in chat rooms, through private messaging and on social media platforms is now a major public health concern, and, as a result, new statutes in Florida can bring strict penalties to students convicted of this type of criminal activity.

Things not to say to people with brain injuries

When someone you love, work with or are otherwise acquainted is injured in a terrible car accident, a workplace mishap or through violent crime, it is often difficult to determine what to say or do to help him or her recover. For those who have suffered brain injuries, life may be forever changed, and achieving as full a recovery as possible can be extremely challenging. In Florida and beyond, thousands of people suffer traumatic brain injuries every year, many of which were the result of others' negligence.