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February 2015 Archives

Theft and burglary charges for rapper Vanilla Ice

Florida police say they detained 47-year-old rapper Vanilla Ice on burglary charges after he took several items from a home near a residence he is renovating. Vanilla Ice, whose legal name is Robert Van Winkle, says that the situation is a misunderstanding that will be cleared up. He is the host of a show on the DIY network in which he renovates houses.

Man accused of committing 2 robberies

A man in Florida was accused of robbing a Publix liquor store on Feb. 2 and then robbing a 7-Eleven convenience store on Feb. 3. When the 30-year-old man was detained after the second robbery, police determined that he was the same man who was involved in the first robbery. He received a charge for robbery with a weapon and another charge for armed robbery.