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December 2018 Archives

Alimony payments could be affected by new tax laws in 2019

As the new year dawns, many people here in Florida and all around the country may be looking to end their marriage. It is often a time for self-reflection and some may find that their current relationship is not one they wish to continue. However, those looking to divorce in the new year should be aware of the new tax laws take effect on Jan. 1, 2019, which could have dramatic implications on alimony payments, particularly in a high-asset divorce.

Police say drunk driver casued 2 deaths

The holidays are usually a happy time for most families, though not without the possibility of misfortune. A recent car crash here in Florida shows just how this time of year is not immune to sadness. What is worse, the accident may have been avoidable, as authorities have claimed a drunk driver may be at fault.

Motor vehicle accidents: Florida crash results in injuries

It is never a convenient time or place to be involved in a crash. While some victims of crashes may walk away uninjured, other victims are not as lucky. Many suffer serious injuries or death in motor vehicle accidents. When an accident occurs as a result of another driver's alleged negligent behavior, victims may find some financial relief through insurance or personal injury lawsuits. Three victims of a recent and serious crash in Florida were unfortunately injured due to no fault of their own and may benefit from an attorney's advice. 

Safety tips for Florida bicycle commuters

You have many great reasons to commute by bike, including health benefits, saving gas money and reducing your carbon footprint. Not to mention that cycling is just plain fun. Unfortunately, the roads can be a little dangerous for Florida cyclists. A collision with a car can cause serious, and even fatal, injuries. Here are some safety tips from seasoned Florida bicycling commuters to help you improve your ride and stay safe:

Motorcyclists are safer in states with tougher cell phone laws

Distracted driving is widely known to cause traffic accidents and fatalities. While publicity campaigns and stricter laws have aimed to address the problem, about nine people are killed and more than a thousand are injured each day as a result of distracted driving.

A brain injury may have delayed symptoms

Among the many potential injuries a Florida resident could suffer in a car accident, an injury to the brain may be among the most terrifying because there is no way to predict the outcome. A brain injury may not even reveal symptoms for days after the accident, which is why a medical exam is critical even for those who seem to be uninjured. Untreated injuries to the head can have life-altering consequences.

Art collection at center of high-asset divorce

Protecting one's assets during a divorce can be a challenge. While many Florida spouses simply want a fair division of assets, when their definitions of fair do not match, they may expect a drawn-out legal battle. Unless a couple can arrive at a settlement about how to separate their belongings and valuables, the court may have to step in with a binding decision. One couple going through a high-asset divorce recently learned the fate of their extensive art collection.

Motor vehicle accidents: The grave consequences of drunk driving

Recently, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office released a statement announcing the death of an employee who worked as a bailiff. The woman died as the result of injuries sustained in an accident caused by a drunk driver, leaving her two teenage children without their mother. Motor vehicle accidents like this underline the dangers and grave consequences of drunk driving.

Distracted driving tips

The worst part of any commute is contending with the rest of the drivers around you. You have to keep your wits about you and focus on what you're doing or else you might end up in a car accident you can't afford.

Man arrested for drunk driving in Publix parking lot

Florida officers reported that they were called to an unusual scene. Witnesses observed an individual driving a vehicle in circles in a Publix parking lot and alerted authorities. After arrival, authorities arrested and charged the man with an offense for drunk driving. He has likely secured a skilled attorney to guide him through court hearings.

Motor vehicle accidents: Man killed in wrong-way crash

Most Florida motorists following the traffic laws and rules of the road, but they can't always avoid the recklessness of other drivers. Unfortunately, negligence and recklessness of one driver can result in serious motor vehicle accidents to unsuspecting travelers. One family is grieving the death of a loved one after a wrong-way driver caused a fatal collision.

Distracted driver collides with group of cyclists, killing one

Police say distracted driving and blinding sunlight are to blame for a crash involving a group of 14 bicyclists in Davie, Florida over Thanksgiving weekend. Several riders were injured and one woman, identified as Denise Marsh, 53, died after being transported to the hospital.

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