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October 2018 Archives

Riding a scooter could place individuals at risk for brain injury

Dockless rechargeable electric scooters are appearing in Florida cities and across the country, including multiple cities in Florida. Individuals have the ability to rent available scooters to assist in a commute around town through the use of a smartphone app. It is expected that scooter riders will experience risks similar to what bicycle riders and pedestrians may face when sharing the road with motor vehicles. Riders may be subject to brain injury, bodily injury and/or death if struck by a vehicle.

Can you help your kids cope through a high asset divorce?

Divorce is painful, emotional and disruptive to the lives of a couple and all involved family members. Florida couples processing a high asset divorce are likely to be concerned about how their children will be affected throughout the proceedings and thereafter. One expert, Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg, has written a book on how to teach kids skills to help them to be resilient in difficult life circumstances. A divorce would certainly qualify as a difficult life circumstance where children will need coping mechanisms.

A Chance fracture could result from a car accident

As a conscientious traveler, you may never get behind the wheel or in a passenger seat without putting on your seat belt. You undoubtedly also make sure that anyone who rides as a passenger in your vehicle wears a seat belt. This step can often help protect everyone inside the vehicle in the event that an accident takes place.

Is your driving posture putting you at risk for serious injury?

After a long trip or at the end of a long week of daily commutes, you have likely felt the stiffness in your back or neck from too much time behind the wheel. You may have had to utilize various pain relief methods in order to lessen the achiness you experienced, but in the end, you may have chalked your discomfort up to aging or the uncomfortable seats in your vehicle.

Motor vehicle accidents: Man killed in rear-end crash

Recently, the Florida Highway Patrol had to close several lanes of traffic on a busy interstate to clear a complicated and tragic accident. Authorities reported that the accident involved multiple collisions. Sadly, one man lost his life as a result of the motor vehicle accidents. 

High-asset divorce: Movie couple separates after 25 years

A few years ago, Florida residents may have viewed a Hollywood movie starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams, which was based on the real-life story of one couple's unique love story. The movie was called "The Vow" and warmed the hearts of many who watched it. People in Florida who watched the movie may be sad to learn that the couple on whom the movie was based has faced some recent struggles and may be negotiating a high-asset divorce.

Motor vehicle accidents: Tractor-trailer falls off interstate

With multiple vehicles traveling the Florida roadways, accidents with other vehicles are bound to happen. Many accidents can be prevented by avoiding simple tasks such as distracted or intoxicated driving, but drivers continue to participate in risky behavior. While some motorists and passengers are fortunate to escape some crashes without injuries, others are not. Motor vehicle accidents can result in property damage, serious injuries and/or death. Sadly, an unusual accident involving a tractor-trailer recently resulted in the death of one man and injuries to at least five others.

Understanding marital debt may be vital during divorce

Most people accumulate some type of credit card debt throughout their lives. You may have a tendency to pay off your balances as soon as possible, or you may let balances build and pay them off more slowly. Whatever your choice, you felt that it worked well for you and your spouse, with whom you share joint accounts.

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