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August 2018 Archives

Drunk driving cases may be affected by Breathalyzer calibrations

Breathalyzer tests, video evidence, field sobriety tests and blood alcohol level tests are all allowed to be entered into evidence when an individual is arrested for driving under the influence. Charges and/or a conviction of drunk driving can result in serious consequences for an individual. An arrest can result in the loss of a job, and a conviction can result in jail time, suspension of driving privileges and fines.

You may need to take a logical approach to your divorce

Going through divorce is often a difficult time. Even if you and your spouse feel that ending the marriage is for the best, you may still have many contentious aspects to address as you move forward. In particular, you may want to pay attention to financial impacts and the property division process.

Motor vehcile accidents: Attornneys can help victims after crash

Loss of life is always difficult to accept. When it occurs at a young age, the life a young person will not get to live is often grieved in addition to the loss of their presence. Sadly, one Florida high school student was the tragic victim of a complicated multi-car crash. Motor vehicle accidents such as this one can be difficult for victims and surviving families to sort out the details in the aftermath.

Florida man suffers serious brain injury following truck accident

Every injury takes time to heal and some injuries obviously take longer than others. In particular, a brain injury can result in the need for significant medical care and rehabilitation. One Florida family is discovering how long the process can be as their their loved one struggles to recover following a horrific motor-vehicle accident

Checking your tires can help you stay safe on the road

You may not particularly consider yourself a "car guy" or car person. Still, you do your due diligence and have your oil changed when needed and try to pay attention to obvious factors of your vehicle that may need attention. While you likely let your mechanic handle any needed repairs, you can do your part to notice when your vehicle may present a safety issue.

Man charged with DUI following fatal crash

Because of the serious consequences to an individual and others on the Florida roadways, drunk driving offenses are taken seriously.  Property damage, serious and/or fatal injuries can occur if an accident results from a drunk driver. DUI offenders may experience fines, jail time and license revocation. One Florida man is facing serious charges following an accident that resulted in the death of one man another man's injuries.

High-asset divorce: Attorneys can advise on child support

August is child support awareness month. In a high-asset divorce, child support may be a significant part of negotiations. Child support typically involves the higher earning parent paying the parent with lower wages a calculated amount of financial support for the well-being of any shared children. Because of the complexity of negotiations and multiple different ways a family's unique circumstances can affect child support, many parents choose to have a Florida family law attorney to advise them through the process.

Did your normal day end with you suffering a spinal injury?

Your day may have started out just like any other. You could have been on your way to work or had just dropped the kids off at school when suddenly another driver hit your vehicle. Rather than being involved in a minor fender-bender, the accident was serious, and you suffered injuries.

4 ways to stay safe while driving at night

Driving at night is a common practice. You may work a shift that means you either drive to or from work while it's dark outside. You may not feel any particular way about driving at night, but you may want to remember that nighttime driving does pose certain hazards that driving during the day does not.

Car seat safety tips that could help protect your child

As a parent, you undoubtedly worry about your child on a daily basis. Your worries may range from whether your baby eats enough and gets enough sleep to whether he or she could suffer injuries in an accident. Unfortunately, accidents do befall children at a high rate, and those events include car accidents.

3 wrong-way motor-vehcile accidents result in deaths

Duval County is currently undergoing a $1.3 million project to update and add signs to many roadways. The Understandably, adequate signage is helpful and necessary to ensure safety on all Florida roadways. Despite current signage on two bridges, three different wrong-way motor vehicle accidents occurred near two bridges over the span of a few days.

Car accidents: Speeding and DUI factors in fatal crash

Motor vehicle crashes occur for numerous reasons. Some car accidents are preventable while others may be simply beyond a driver's control. When an accident is preventable, it usually occurs due to the negligence of one or more drivers. Negligent drivers typically are responsible for the costs of the accident and can be held liable, depending on individual crash circumstances. Authorities believe that a recent Florida accident was preventable and report that alcohol likely contributed to the deadly crash.

What are the best interests of your children concerning custody?

When facing divorce, each person may have a particular concern that jumps to the forefront of his or her mind. For you, you may have immediately thought of your children, and in particular, how custody arrangements would work out. You may not have any specific terms in mind as of yet, but you certainly want to make sure you understand what to expect.

Motorcycle accidents: Man dies in fatal crash

Most motorcycle riders can likely recount close encounters and near misses with larger motor vehicles. Some riders are fortunate to never experience a crash, but many have not been as fortunate and have been involved in serious motorcycle accidents. Sadly, one man recently died after a crash in Florida that occurred between a sedan and his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

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