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September 2017 Archives

A headache can be a sign of severe injury

You've likely had a headache at some point in your life. If you happen to be one of many Florida residents who suffer chronic stress or migraine headaches, you know how absolutely debilitating such conditions can be. Perhaps you're one of the lucky ones, however, who can hardly recall a time when you've felt head discomfort. Maybe that's why you got the feeling something was not right when a week or so passed after your car accident and your head was still hurting.

Your brain just doesn't work the same way after a TBI

One of the most unpredictable injuries that can result from a car accident is a traumatic brain injury. A TBI can affect any number of brain functions. You may be able to work around some of them, but others could cause you to be unable to work or relate to your loved ones and friends in the same way you did before the accident.

Is the insurance company making a fair offer?

Missed days from work, doctor appointments and physical therapy appointments could be taking up a great deal of your time if you suffered injuries in an accident. Police cited the other driver for being at-fault in the accident, so you called that driver's insurance company to file a claim. You may have also filed a claim with your own insurance company just in case the other driver does not have enough coverage for your losses.

Damage to cervical nerves could have severe outcomes

As most Florida residents know, suffering injuries can have differing impacts on your life depending on the type of injury, along with where it occurs on the body. Though certain activities may have a reputation for causing specific types of injuries, car accidents can often have a wide range of injury outcomes. In more severe accidents, you could suffer damage to your spine that leaves your life substantially impacted.

How delayed-onset injuries continue to hurt car accident victims

On your seemingly typical drive to work one morning, you end up getting into a sudden car accident stemming from another driver's carelessness. Sure, the crash causes your head and neck to go back and forth, and your car sustains a little damage, but otherwise, you feel okay. You exchange information with the driver who caused the accident, file a police report and move on with your day.

You don't have to be drunk to be impaired

You may be among many other Florida residents who think that if you aren't drunk, you aren't impaired. You may think you can drive with a nice buzz because you aren't drunk. The truth is that you can be impaired even if you aren't drunk, and you could find yourself in the back of a police car.