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County police announce new DUI task squad

Alcohol is a part of the adult lives of many people. Some use it in conjunction with social events and others as a way to unwind from day-to-day stress. Though most people consume alcohol with no ill intentions, they can face potentially serious consequences if they are pulled over for a DUI. One county in Florida has created a new task force specifically looking for intoxicated drivers. Anyone who is charged as a result of the extra efforts of the DUI squad may need a comprehensive criminal defense.

Man charged with drunk driving after fatal accident

A car crash is always an upsetting event. If the accident involves the use of drugs or alcohol, it only complicates the tragedy. This is the case, police say, in a recent accident that killed one young Florida woman and injured another. Drunk driving is being blamed for the incident.

Nation's strictest drunk driving law may have far reaching effect

Florida drivers likely know that consuming alcohol before getting behind the wheel of a car could impair their driving ability. Some are comfortable consuming a certain level of alcohol that they believe will not raise their blood alcohol content above the state's percentage limit of .08. However, this could change soon as several states are exploring lowering that legal limit in the hopes of preventing drunk driving incidents.

Man arrested for drunk driving in Publix parking lot

Florida officers reported that they were called to an unusual scene. Witnesses observed an individual driving a vehicle in circles in a Publix parking lot and alerted authorities. After arrival, authorities arrested and charged the man with an offense for drunk driving. He has likely secured a skilled attorney to guide him through court hearings.

Man charged with DUI following serious wrong-way crash

Drivers can face serious consequences if they have been convicted of criminal conduct, especially if it results in harm to other individuals. Drunk driving can result in serious preventable property damage, injury and/or death. One Florida man is likely relying upon a criminal defense attorney in the aftermath of the serious crash he was involved in and the DUI charges he faces.

Drunk driving cases may be affected by Breathalyzer calibrations

Breathalyzer tests, video evidence, field sobriety tests and blood alcohol level tests are all allowed to be entered into evidence when an individual is arrested for driving under the influence. Charges and/or a conviction of drunk driving can result in serious consequences for an individual. An arrest can result in the loss of a job, and a conviction can result in jail time, suspension of driving privileges and fines.

Man charged with DUI following fatal crash

Because of the serious consequences to an individual and others on the Florida roadways, drunk driving offenses are taken seriously.  Property damage, serious and/or fatal injuries can occur if an accident results from a drunk driver. DUI offenders may experience fines, jail time and license revocation. One Florida man is facing serious charges following an accident that resulted in the death of one man another man's injuries.

Man charged with drunk driving after failing to move over

Many states, including Florida, have passed a move-over law in recent years. The law aims to protect anyone who may have the need to pull over to the side of the road, which is most often emergency workers or law enforcement. Failure to move over can result in a collision with the stationary vehicle, which can, in turn, cause serious and even fatal injuries to that vehicle's driver and passengers. One man ended up with serious criminal charges after a failure to move over for a trooper on the side of the road, and complicating his legal matters, he has additional charges for drunk driving.

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