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Child support orders are not always followed. Platt Hopwood Russell & Cole can help you enforce child support orders and collect outstanding child support due to your family. Platt Hopwood Russell & Cole requests financial discovery from the nonpaying parent so that collecting back child support is a reality and not a wild-goose chase. Platt Hopwood Russell & Cole will work hard to prove that the nonpaying parent has the ability to pay the child support owed. We will fight hard to collect unpaid child support so you can support your family.

Likewise, Platt Hopwood Russell & Cole will defend you in any proceedings filed against you to collect child support. We will take steps to attempt to minimize the child support owed past and present so that it is no more than what the Florida guidelines provide for. In certain situations, we can request a downward reduction in the guideline child support you are required to pay. We have also been successful in defending parents who have had child support assessed against them during time periods wherein they had full custody of their child. We will fight to protect you.

Representation in Department of Revenue Actions

Child support arrears can be enforced in a number of ways. If found in contempt a parent can be placed in jail, licenses such as driver’s licenses and professional licenses can be suspended, tax refunds for the paying parent can be intercepted and wages can be garnished. The nonpaying parent can also be ordered to pay attorney’s fees spent to enforce and collect back child support.

Do not go to court alone. Consult with experienced family law attorneys at Platt Hopwood Russell & Cole by scheduling a free consultation today to discuss your case. The attorneys at Platt Hopwood Russell & Cole are aggressive but also realistic in their approach to representing clients facing the collection of or payment of child support past and present. We will advise you as to your rights and obligations to ensure an outcome that is consistent with Florida law.

Contact our lawyers by email or call us at 321-725-5638, toll free at 800-479-3032. Let Platt Hopwood Russell & Cole represent you in your child support enforcement dispute.

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