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Traumatic brain injury, part 2 - diagnosis and treatment

In a previous post about traumatic brain injuries, we explained the common causes of a TBI, and the symptoms associated with one, like a headache, dizziness or blurry vision. Here, we'll talk about how a medical team might diagnose a traumatic brain injury and the methods of treatment.

Even without outward signs, head injuries could prove damaging

When you think of a catastrophic injury, you may picture wounds that result in blood loss or obvious external trauma. However, some severe injuries may not show outward signs or even immediately indicate that serious trauma has occurred. If you or someone you love has suffered a bump on the head, the possibility exists that your brain has suffered an injury.

Paralysis often comes with secondary conditions

Spinal cord injuries most often occur due to trauma, such as in a car accident or a fall from a height. Unfortunately, not every Florida resident who suffers such an injury recovers from it. Receiving a diagnosis of permanent paralysis causes a variety of emotions and life changes, but it also comes with the potential for secondary conditions that require monitoring and care to avoid.

You might be wrong about the McDonald's coffee lawsuit

Remember the story of the woman in the early 1990s who spilled coffee on herself and won half a million dollars from McDonald's in a personal injury lawsuit? The account draws strong emotions from people and is often blamed for the start a "sue happy" America.

Hit and Run Accidents

  • The driver is always required to stop either at the scene of the accident or, if that is not safe, as close as safely possible.
  • If the accident results in bodily or property damage each driver is required to provide the other drivers with their name, address, and the registration number of their vehicle. They must also provide their license to the other drivers if asked. Additionally, if someone was injured in the crash the others involved must provide him or her with reasonable assistance in traveling to medical assistance.
  • In the event that there is no other driver available to give the above-mentioned information to, then this information must be given to the nearest police officer.
  • Anyone involved in an accident with property where the owner is not present, they must leave a note, securely and in plain sight with the driver's contact information. The driver must also notify the nearest police officer or law enforcement agency of the crash.

What are the possible penalties of a hit and run conviction?

What are the laws that govern Florida's cyclists?

Learn about cyclists' rights and responsibilities.

Florida's temperate climate is one the best things about living here. While people across the country are bringing out their winter coats, we still have months of outdoor fun ahead. Cycling is a common activity year-round in Florida. Unfortunately, so are serious bike accidents and injuries.

Four critical mistakes to avoid after a car accident

Don't compromise your recovery. Take steps to protect yourself right away.

A car accident is always a serious matter, whether you are seriously injured or just shaken up with some damage to your car. Certain errors in the aftermath of a crash can have serious implications for your health, your insurance and your financial stability. It's important to do everything you can to avoid these mistakes that people make after collisions.

Florida's complex amusement ride regulations

In the topsy-turvy world of thrill ride inspections, how does Florida measure up?

In our last post, we discussed a startling discrepancy in the way amusement rides are regulated across the United States. Every state has its own standards for inspecting roller coasters, giant slides, water park rides and other amusements - ranging from frequent inspections by state-trained inspectors to occasional paperwork audits.

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