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Making the difficult decision to end your marriage

The decision to divorce is often one of the most difficult choices a person could make. Divorce brings about certain change, and sometimes, those who divorce find themselves struggling for a time after they separate. This may be one reason why many who are living in unhappy marriages decide to stay put rather than taking the step to end their marriages and start a new life.

Florida family law attorneys available to advise through divorce

Marriages end for different reasons. Some marriages end for a host of small reasons that build up over the years, and others end due to some significant betrayal by one or both spouses. Whatever the cause, the National Center for Health Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau 2015 report indicates that divorces for couples that are 50 and older are on the rise. For some, the marriage may end on an amicable note, and others may not. Whatever the expectations may be for a divorce, it is wise for a spouse to seek the advice of a family law attorney in Florida.

New tax laws and the impact on family law concerns

Couples in Florida considering divorce may be aware of the recent changes to tax laws and how they will affect alimony. Those people preparing to move forward with the process, especially a high-asset divorce, will find it beneficial to learn how these laws could impact them and their financial obligations. In fact, these changes may mean that some couples would be prudent to finalize their divorce plans by the end of year.

Family law: Man ordered to pay $1.86 million in child support

Disappearing, taking on another man's identity and beginning a new family sounds like a script from a Hollywood movie. Surprisingly, it has been one man's life for the past 25 years. In order to avoid a divorce and any process in a family law court, the man ran away to Florida to live, assuming another man's identity.

Family law: Divorces over the age of 50 are increasing

It might be tempting to speculate that married couples who have been married 20 years or more will not experience a divorce. Statistics indicate that it is not always the case. Currently, divorce among couples in Florida and across the United States who are over the age of 50 are increasing. Most individuals facing these circumstances will secure the assistance of a family law attorney.

How to Co-Parent

During a divorce, it seems like nothing can be harder than separating from your spouse and ending a marriage. However, often successfully raising your children with your ex-spouse can seem as hard, if not harder, than the actual divorce. Here are six tips from the family law attorneys at Platt Hopwood on how to successfully co-parent your children:

4 things to keep in mind when talking to your child about consent for the first time

Some would say that it is never too early to speak to your child about consent. To adults it might seem like an all-too-common term, but the concept of consent is often quite unfamiliar to children.

Co-Parenting During the Holidays

Making decisions about your child's education after divorce

Your child's education is important. Who gets to make critical decisions about school?

In a recent post, we discussed some back-to-school tips for co-parents. We talked about the importance of prioritizing your child's education and working with your ex to make sure the school year is a success.

Six back-to-school tips for co-parents

Study up on these pointers for a peaceful school year.

Going back to school can be a rude awakening for children after a summer of sleeping late and hanging out at the beach. But it is also a time of transition for parents, particularly those who share child custody and parenting time.

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