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Sex crimes: Child-centered businesses may be banned for offenders

Crimes against minors that relate to sexual offenses are often considered especially troubling by society. Though there is good reason for this, there are times when those convicted of sex crimes haven't had their chance to tell their side of the matter, or may have even been falsely accused. They not only have to contend with punishment by the criminal justice system here in Florida, but with the social stigma. This could get worse in the future, as one Brevard County Commissioner wants to prevent convicted sex offenders from being allowed near any business that caters to children.

Sex crimes: Teacher's aide accused of sexting student

Many people with a criminal record face judgement from their communities, but those charged with sex-related offenses often feel they receive significant criticism. Those accused of committing sex crimes not only have to worry about punishment from the legal system, they may also have difficulty for the rest of their lives once they've fulfilled their sentence. This is what one Florida woman could be facing after she was arrested for sending sexually explicit online messages with an underage student with special needs.

Man accused of sex crimes after targeted sting

Sex crimes are serious offenses and people accused of committing them face the possibility of significant punishment. A conviction of this type of crime can mean that a person will have his or her name added to the sex offender registry indefinitely, and he or she may also face jail time and/or have to pay a high fine. That's not to mention the impact it can have on the individual's personal and professional lives. That's why those facing charges of sex crimes need a comprehensive defense strategy. A recent undercover operation here in Florida resulted in one man's arrest, and he is likely focused on preparing an effective criminal defense.

Sex crimes: Man accused of preying on children via internet

Those who have faced charges relating to a sex crime know all too well how drastically it can change their lives. They may feel as though there is no way for them to defend themselves against such charges, but that is not the case. A thorough criminal defense strategy may be their best chance at a favorable outcome. One Florida man will likely need just that as he faces charges relating to a targeted operation that was looking for people who purportedly wanted to perpetrate sex crimes on children.

Sex crimes: Teacher accused of sexual assault

A person accused of a sex-related crime may not be aware of how serious these types of charges may be. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the crime charged, a jury may rush to conviction, particularly if the defendant has not secured an effective criminal defense. Sex crimes carry significant punishment, not to mention the negative effect they can have on a person's personal and professional life. This could be what one teacher is facing since Florida authorities have accused him of sex crimes involving a minor.

Sex crimes: Man accused of distributing child pornography

When someone is accused of a crime relating to sexual assault, it is an extremely serious matter. Those convicted of sex crimes in Florida may face prison time, significant fines and be placed on the sex offender registry, which can inhibit a person's ability to get a job. It is crucial that those facing these kinds of accusations have a thorough defense in court. This can be seen in the case of a former University of Florida student who recently pleaded guilty to distributing a child sex video.

Former Florida Polytechnic cop accused of sex crimes

Sexual crimes can be particularly devastating to victims, but also to those who are accused of committing them. If an accused person is convicted, it can not only have legal consequences, but personal ones as well, including harm to his or her career and reputation. A man here in Florida may find out just what those consequences entail, as he now stands accused of several sex crimes.

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