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Domestic Violence Archives

Domestic violence case involving NFL star sent to prosecutors

Football fans in Florida likely know Johnny Manziel for his time with the Texas A&M Aggies and the Cleveland Browns, but the quarterback has made almost as many headlines for his off-field behavior as he has for his game-winning touchdown drives. Manziel's name featured prominently in another story not related to football on Feb. 25 when the Dallas Police Department announced that the 23-year-old signal caller's domestic assault case had been turned over to prosecutors.

A look at domestic violence charges in Florida

Although most people have a general understanding of the law, there are some areas of criminal law that most residents know very little about. Take for example domestic violence. Most people have a general idea of what domestic violence is, but few can recite specific laws that pertain to residents in our state. Fewer still can explain what rights you have when facing criminal charges -- unless, of course, they have the right legal background.