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Brain Injury Archives

A brain injury may have delayed symptoms

Among the many potential injuries a Florida resident could suffer in a car accident, an injury to the brain may be among the most terrifying because there is no way to predict the outcome. A brain injury may not even reveal symptoms for days after the accident, which is why a medical exam is critical even for those who seem to be uninjured. Untreated injuries to the head can have life-altering consequences.

Riding a scooter could place individuals at risk for brain injury

Dockless rechargeable electric scooters are appearing in Florida cities and across the country, including multiple cities in Florida. Individuals have the ability to rent available scooters to assist in a commute around town through the use of a smartphone app. It is expected that scooter riders will experience risks similar to what bicycle riders and pedestrians may face when sharing the road with motor vehicles. Riders may be subject to brain injury, bodily injury and/or death if struck by a vehicle.

Fraternity ritual may have resulted in man's brain injury

The practice of hazing by fraternities and other college organizations has been questioned over the years. One reason they have been questioned has been due to the serious injuries and/or death some students have faced related to some hazing rituals. Recently, one man has filed a lawsuit against a Florida State University fraternity and some of its members following a brain injury he suffered as part of a common fraternity ritual. 

Florida man suffers serious brain injury following truck accident

Every injury takes time to heal and some injuries obviously take longer than others. In particular, a brain injury can result in the need for significant medical care and rehabilitation. One Florida family is discovering how long the process can be as their their loved one struggles to recover following a horrific motor-vehicle accident

Brain injury: Family had difficult time with insurance claim

When a motor vehicle accident occurs, the insurance company for the driver deemed at fault is typically responsible for damages on both vehicles and documented personal injury claims, up to the limits of the policy. Most policies have a limit on medical expenses that will be paid, and one Florida family became familiar with policy limits over the last several years. Sadly, their daughter suffered a serious brain injury when she was involved in a car accident, and they had a difficult time navigating a claim against the negligent driver's insurance.

Brain injuries can affect victims long-term

As Florida readers are aware, the impact of a car accident can last for months or sometimes years. This is especially true for individuals who experience some type of brain injury in the accident. Depending on the severity of the impact and various other factors, head trauma can affect a person's ability to do normal tasks and enjoy a certain quality of life. 

Riders may have suffered brain injury on Florida roller coaster

Roller coaster riders typically enjoy a ride for the thrill and rush it offers. Unfortunately, one roller coaster ride in Florida offered several riders more than just an adrenaline rush. Something went wrong and one of the coaster's cars derailed, injuring nine riders. Two riders may have suffered a possible brain injury after a 34-foot drop onto concrete.

Girl suffers brain injury at Universal Theme park in Florida

Thousands of people in Florida and around the country flock to one of the many theme parks that Orlando has to offer every year. Usually, it is a place for families and friends to make numerous memories and enjoy a good time. Sadly, for one family, their visit to Universal's Volcano Bay resulted in their child suffering a brain injury.

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