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When car accidents result in PTSD

You probably began your day thinking that it was going to be just another ordinary day. Then, out of nowhere, another vehicle struck yours. You suffered physical injuries that kept you from working for a while, and you still have medical bills and other damages to pay for as well.

Individuals addicted to their cellphones could cause you harm

When it comes to casual cellphone use, many people think of these devices as convenient tools. On the other hand, when cellphones — smartphones in particular — become a nuisance, it is not unusual for individuals to feel that people would be better served to put the phones down and take in their surroundings.

Car accidents can result in various traumatic brain injuries

Whenever someone suffers an injury to the head, most people begin to panic. Typically, head injuries can affect the brain, and whenever a traumatic brain injury occurs, the negative impacts can prove frightening and long-lasting. The severity of the effects may depend on the type of injury that you suffer.

Should you accept the insurance company's settlement offer?

In a matter of seconds, your life changed. During those seconds, you experienced the sights, sounds and smells that come with a car accident, you felt either like you were moving in slow motion or didn't even have time to process what happened. In either case, it became clear in the minutes that followed that you suffered serious injuries.

Do not underestimate the emotional trauma of an accident

Your Florida car accident can change your life in many significant ways. From your physical injuries to your financial losses, the impact of an accident can reverberate throughout many areas of your life. Sometimes, the most significant consequences of a car accident are not those you can see, but those you can feel.

Is a hidden asset problem complicating your divorce?

A lot goes into preparing for divorce, even in the most amicable of situations. Like most people in Florida who have navigated or plan to go through divorce, you likely hope that you'll achieve a swift and agreeable settlement. The chances of doing so are often higher for those who are willing to compromise and cooperate in order to negotiate fair and satisfactory terms. It's also a good idea to act alongside experienced guidance throughout the divorce process.

Signs of an intoxicated driver may help you avoid a crash

Remaining conscientious behind the wheel of a vehicle can significantly help you stay safe while traveling. When you are on the lookout for potential hazards, you may more quickly notice when something dangerous could take place and, as a result, more easily avoid the situation. You may implement various defensive driving techniques in hopes of staying out of harm's way while on the road.

Infotainment systems may cause deadly distractions

When many people used to think of what made a vehicle impressive, their ratings usually revolved around looks and engine power. Now, a number of new aspects go into consideration, and while safety may still remain your number one priority, other individuals may become more intrigued by the amount of technology a vehicle has to offer.

The outlook following a serious burn injury

In one brief moment, your life changed forever. You may have been going about your daily routine at home or work, or perhaps you and your family were out together enjoying a special event in Florida when tragedy struck and your loved one suffered a serious burn injury.

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