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Wrongful death: Mother dies in drunk driving wreck

Birth and death are undeniably some of life's most expensive events. When someone dies, multiple decisions have to be made in a short amount of time while shock and grief are part of the equation. Following a funeral, many families suffer the aftermath of unexpected financial stress. One family from another state recently suffered the wrongful death of their mother and became stranded in Florida for weeks due to a depletion of funds following her funeral.

The family of nine live on the West Coast, but they had traveled to Florida in March to assist another family member with a move. While in Florida, the mother, her sister and nephew were involved in a horrific multi-vehicle crash. The mother, her sister and two other victims were killed. Apparently, the crash resulted due to the drunk driving of another driver.

Understandably, the funeral expenses for three family members at one time would be crippling. After paying for the funeral, the family did not have the funds to travel back home to California and became stranded in Florida for weeks. With the assistance of airline vouchers and gifted funds, the kids were able to recently return to their home and school. 

Suffering the loss of a loved one at the hands of a negligent driver is very upsetting. As with this family, many families struggle financially following an unexpected death. Florida personal injury attorneys can advise families of their options to file a wrongful death lawsuit in appropriate situations. Often, a lawsuit can garner compensation to help alleviate the financial stress of such tragedies.

Source: NBC Bay Area, "Oakland Kids Stranded in Florida After Mom's Fatal Accident Return Home", Kiki Intarasuwan, May 13, 2018

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