The Real Cost of a DUI

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If you or anyone you know has ever received a DUI you know that the real cost of the DUI is significantly higher than the fine Florida law assigns. Once you calculate the fines, court fees, attorney fees and more the real cost of a DUI is significantly higher than the fine printed on your ticket. The real cost may vary depending on the specific case, for example, if a minor under the age of 15 is in the vehicle the fine may reach $10,000 even if it is your first offense. In Florida it is considered a DUI offense if you drive, attempt to drive or are in control of the vehicle (yes, this includes sleeping in the car with the keys in your possession) if the level of alcohol, drugs or prescribed medication is over the prescribed or legal limit (the BAC limit is .08). The attorneys at Platt Hopwood are here to examine the cost of a DUI and let you know how to minimize them.


Real Cost of a DUI in Florida (estimate)

Attorney Fees – $1,000-10,000

Criminal Fines – $600-11,500

License Reinstatement Fee – $100

DUI/DWI Classes – $500

Increase in Insurance Rates – $8500

Ignition Interlock Fees – $1300

Total (minimum): $12,000

*The actual cost may vary depending on the case.

The attorneys at Platt Hopwood are experienced at handling DUI/DWI cases. Retaining a Platt Hopwood attorney to fight your DUI/DWI case means retaining a diligent group of intelligent attorneys who will fight your case for your justice. You do not have to battle DUI charges alone, call Platt Hopwood Attorneys at Law at (321) 725-3425 to schedule your free consultation.


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