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Child custody and visitation are now referred to as time sharing. Primary and secondary child custody and visitation parents are replaced with the terms majority parent andminority parent.

This change has the effect of making mothers and fathers equals in determining custody and visitation, in keeping with the bests interests of the child.

At Platt, Hopwood, Russell & Cole, PLLC, we bring extensive experience in custody and visitation to your case. We are known throughout Brevard County for the quality of our preparation and for our willingness to push to obtain the outcome that you need. We have exceptional resources to draw on when necessary: psychologists, educators and child development authorities.

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We represent clients in child custody matters who are married and clients who are not married. Under Florida law, once paternity is established and a parenting plan is in place, unmarried parents have the same custody rights as parents who were married.

In many situations, custody and visitation disagreements can be resolved in negotiation or through mediation. When these avenues do not lead to a parenting plan you can accept, we have no reluctance to go to trial. In the courtroom we will aggressively battle for your family to accomplish a successful resolution of custody/time-sharing issues.

We also assist with modifications to custody agreements and with relocation issues.

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