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Is the insurance company making a fair offer?

Missed days from work, doctor appointments and physical therapy appointments could be taking up a great deal of your time if you suffered injuries in an accident. Police cited the other driver for being at-fault in the accident, so you called that driver's insurance company to file a claim. You may have also filed a claim with your own insurance company just in case the other driver does not have enough coverage for your losses.

You may have even received an offer from the other driver's insurance company faster than you thought you would. However, when you saw the amount, your exuberance waned quickly. Insurance companies are notorious for making low offers. They are in the business of making money and don't want to pay out any more than absolutely necessary. The important thing to remember is that you are not obligated to take that first offer.

Preparing for the unexpected could prove exceedingly beneficial

A car accident can be one of the most stressful and unnerving experiences you may ever face. If recently involved in a collision, you may have felt somewhat unprepared and wonder if you missed out on any steps that could soon prove important.

With the unexpected nature of a collision, this could be easy to do, but it may also prove detrimental when seeking to pursue compensation for damages. However, if you have a general understanding of the steps to take in the aftermath of an accident, you may be better prepared to deal with the stress if one occurs.

Damage to cervical nerves could have severe outcomes

As most Florida residents know, suffering injuries can have differing impacts on your life depending on the type of injury, along with where it occurs on the body. Though certain activities may have a reputation for causing specific types of injuries, car accidents can often have a wide range of injury outcomes. In more severe accidents, you could suffer damage to your spine that leaves your life substantially impacted.

The worst level of injuries when it comes to spinal damage can take place when the top of the spine suffers. The reason for this outcome relates to the fact that nerves at the top of the spine can also affect the nerves farther down the spine. Each specific vertebra could cause differing impacts on bodily function and ability.

How delayed-onset injuries continue to hurt car accident victims

On your seemingly typical drive to work one morning, you end up getting into a sudden car accident stemming from another driver's carelessness. Sure, the crash causes your head and neck to go back and forth, and your car sustains a little damage, but otherwise, you feel okay. You exchange information with the driver who caused the accident, file a police report and move on with your day.

However, fast-forward to a few weeks later, you are starting to experience some pain. Sometimes pain related to an injury is delayed days or weeks following a motor vehicle crash. There are a few symptoms that are important to watch out for to protect your best interests in Florida.

You don't have to be drunk to be impaired

You may be among many other Florida residents who think that if you aren't drunk, you aren't impaired. You may think you can drive with a nice buzz because you aren't drunk. The truth is that you can be impaired even if you aren't drunk, and you could find yourself in the back of a police car.

When an accident occurs, police may suspect a driver of being impaired. You may even hear that driver saying that he or she only had a couple of drinks, and that there is no way he or she is drunk. Even if that statement is true, that does not mean that impairment didn't play a role in the crash.

When is cerebral palsy a result of medical malpractice?

Cerebral palsy is a type of brain injury that happens at birth. The illness is an umbrella term for a family of illnesses that affect brain function and mobility, and those illnesses can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. Cerebral palsy happens in the womb, during birth, or immediately after birth. When a child receives a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, parents often have many questions, including "Why did this happen to my child?"

Some cases of cerebral palsy are not easy to explain. The source of the disorder can be unrelated to medical malpractice, or a medical professional may have caused the injury. In Florida, cerebral palsy cases are like other medical malpractice cases, and like other malpractice cases, have certain guidelines they must meet.

When the freedom of riding a motorcycle turns into a hazard

With the feel of the breeze ever present, and the freedom on being out on the road on two wheels, riding a motorcycle can be extremely enjoyable. Perhaps motorcycles are your preferred means of transportation; you might look forward to riding your bike every chance you get.

However, while the lack of restriction may bring about a sense of excitement, it also has its inherent risks. With less protection available to riders, identifying potential hazards could be the best way to avoid a potential catastrophe.

The damage from a brain injury may never fully heal

When a person is involved in an accident causing a brain injury, there are often some touch-and-go moments as doctors assess the extent of the damage. Early on, everyone just hopes that the victim makes it through without severe injury.

ABout half of those who survive brain injuries live the rest of their lives with disabilities. Those who escape without serious health concerns often think their troubles are over. However, a new study shows that there may be more suffering ahead..

Stay focused on recovery in distracted driving accidents

Florida roads, like many others in the nation, are often heavily laden with traffic. If you live here on a full-time basis, that's likely not news. Even if you're one of many tourists who pass this way during annual vacations, you may still be quite familiar with how busy and dangerous roadways in this state can be. You no doubt try to remain as alert and cautious behind the wheel as possible, no matter where you drive.

However, regardless of how careful you are, you can't control other drivers' actions. Driving nowadays is definitely more dangerous than taking leisurely Sunday drives might have been a few decades ago. In fact, there are some days when you may feel like you are placing your own life at risk just trying to reach your destination by car.

Do you follow safe practices for biking on roadways?

As an avid cyclist, you may enjoy the ability to travel to destinations in the open air or delight in a fun activity that allows you to get exercise. Whatever the reason you may have for biking, you likely understand that certain risks come along with the activity. You could potentially fall or strike an object, or in the worst cases, you may find yourself involved in an accident with a vehicle.

Bicycle-vehicle accidents can cause severe injuries, and you certainly want to remain as safe as possible while on the road. Therefore, you may wish to remember to take certain actions that may allow you to better protect yourself and others when cycling on or near roadways.